Do I possibly dare To say God is not fair? But that is precisely my intention, Now that I've got your undivided attention, Forcefully, I must declare... GOD IS CERTAINLY NOT FAIR!!! For if God were truly fair, None of us would have a prayer! Do you know where You and I would be For eternity, If God were truly fair...? If I commit a crime, But I don't do any time, Because someone other than me, Was willing to do my time for me -- Would you say that that was fair, The innocent paying for the crime Of the guilty...? 

But it gets even better! None can keep the Law to the letter... None, that is, with One Notable Exception! What if His Perfect, Spotless Record Were to be transferred to you or me, At the same time this One And Only Perfect Person, Who never broke the Law, Who lived a Life of Perfect Righteousness, What if He volunteered to do all your time, All my time, All our time... ALL OF EVERYBODY'S TIME!!! And pay for every single one of your/our crimes, Would you consider taking advantage Of a deal like that...? Well... What if I told you... You can...?...! 

You must see by now, If God were really fair, Neither you, nor I, nor anyone, Would ever get a deal like this, Not anytime, Not anywhere! But it's a limited time offer, With an expiration date! If you choose to forgo this offer, Then the Lord will be fair to you, And the One who would have traded His Perfect Righteousness, For all your life of sin and crime, Will be the very One Who will pass judgement on you... 

So... Do you still care, That God is not fair? That the Heavenly Father Poured out His wrath On His Own Beloved Son, Because He loved you... Because He loved me... Because He Loved the World -- That's EVERYBODY! -- He loved us SO MUCH, He sent His Own Beloved Son To suffer and die in our place, So that one day, we would be able to look upon His Holy Face, Our sins all gone without a trace, Washed in the Blood of the Lamb, And saved forever by His Grace... Do you think that was fair to Jesus...? Now that we know That God is not fair, What will we choose to do...? Do we accept the full pardon, He offers to us ALL, On the basis of His Son's obedience, To endure the cross, To endure the horror, The humiliation and the agony, The rejection, And His Own Fathers abandonment! That singular, indescribable ordeal On Golgotha two thousand years ago...? THANK GOD, GOD IS NOT FAIR!!! 

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