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God's Not Fair

GOD IS NOT FAIR! Do I possibly dare To say God is not fair? But that is precisely my intention, Now that I've got your undivided attention, Forcefully, I must declare... GOD IS CERTAINLY NOT FAIR!!! For if God were truly fair, None of us would have a prayer! Do you know where You and I would be For eternity, If God were truly fair...? If I commit a crime, But I don't do any time, Because someone other than me, Was willing to do my time for me -- Would you say that that was fair, The innocent paying for the crime Of the guilty...? 

But it gets even better! None can keep the Law to the letter... None, that is, with One Notable Exception! What if His Perfect, Spotless Record Were to be transferred to you or me, At the same time this One And Only Perfect Person, Who never broke the Law, Who lived a Life of Perfect Righteousness, What if He volunteered to do all your time, All my time, All our time... ALL OF EVERYBODY'S TIME!!! And pay for every single one of your/our crimes, Would you consider taking advantage Of a deal like that...? Well... What if I told you... You can...?...! 

You must see by now, If God were really fair, Neither you, nor I, nor anyone, Would ever get a deal like this, Not anytime, Not anywhere! But it's a limited time offer, With an expiration date! If you choose to forgo this offer, Then the Lord will be fair to you, And the One who would have traded His Perfect Righteousness, For all your life of sin and crime, Will be the very One Who will pass judgement on you... 

So... Do you still care, That God is not fair? That the Heavenly Father Poured out His wrath On His Own Beloved Son, Because He loved you... Because He loved me... Because He Loved the World -- That's EVERYBODY! -- He loved us SO MUCH, He sent His Own Beloved Son To suffer and die in our place, So that one day, we would be able to look upon His Holy Face, Our sins all gone without a trace, Washed in the Blood of the Lamb, And saved forever by His Grace... Do you think that was fair to Jesus...? Now that we know That God is not fair, What will we choose to do...? Do we accept the full pardon, He offers to us ALL, On the basis of His Son's obedience, To endure the cross, To endure the horror, The humiliation and the agony, The rejection, And His Own Fathers abandonment! That singular, indescribable ordeal On Golgotha two thousand years ago...? THANK GOD, GOD IS NOT FAIR!!! 

* * ness-mess/nj 1/5/2017 AD

  • Veteran's Day Blog by Nestor Jaremko



    There was a time...

    It comes to my mind --

    When a boy became a man,

    By enduring the baptism of fire!


    I don't count myself as one,

    Although I had a gun,

    And wore a uniform,

    I never had anybody

    Who was determined to kill me!


    I can't help but admire

    Those who went through the fire,

    Who learned what they were made of,

    Moving despite their fear,

    Risking life so dear,

    Because they knew that someone 

    Was depending on them!


    How often do we remember,

    Those who gave it all,

    So we could scream loud at each other,

    And display contempt for one another,

    So we could vote for those who'd lead us,

    Tell all the lies that please us --

    (After all, we got freedom of speech?)


    Someone said it well,

    "Freedom isn't free."

    Strangers died for you and me,

    So we could vote for the one who leads --

    But do we remember their heroic deeds --

    When we turn and go back to sleep,

    We don't bother to cast our vote --

    It's got nothing to do with me...



    11-11-2016 AD

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Election Day is coming --
The candidates, they are running --
And thank God we live in a democracy!
Even though I plan to vote,
In truth I have no hope,
In those who will rule over you and me...
Human beings are just too human --
And that includes me and you, man!
We're way too much prone to fallacy!
But we go on in pretending,
That we can continue depending
On fallible humans to rescue you and me...
So I'm not waiting for the next president
To set some kind of new precedent --
To tell you the truth, I'm waiting for the King!
The King's return is certain!
He'll bring down the final curtain
On a mixed-up, confounded humanity!
All the times it's been denied,
That we've been lead astray by our pride,
While our world descends into sheer insanity!
We insist we can get it right,
Given one more chance, despite
The overwhelming evidence to the contrary!
So forgive me for not believing in us --
I've found Someone in whom to place my trust --
That One is the Soon and Returning King!
Written by Nestor Jaremko
8-4-2016 AD

Praying For Orlando

Our Delaney Street Baptist Church family is horrified and heartbroken over the tragic murder of so many precious lives right here in our own neighborhood this past weekend. We mourn with the families who have lost loved ones. The Bible teaches us to weep with those who are weeping. We cannot imagine the depths of suffering they are experiencing right now, and we pray for an overwhelming sense of God’s peace and comfort in their lives. We are also praying for the recovery of those who are being treated right now in the hospital.

This terrible tragedy is the epitome of evil. Every individual is specially created in God’s image and loved by Him, to such an extent that He died on a cross to provide us with forgiveness for our sins if we will repent and turn to Him. God  is not willing that any should perish, but that we all come to Him. 

We know that God is on the Throne and that evil will not ultimately triumph. We are looking forward to the soon return of  Jesus Christ to make things right in this world. We are encouraged to know that Christians  around the world are praying around the clock for the hurting families in Orlando. Here,  locally, we want to do whatever we can to love on these families and care for them during this  desperate time. #prayfororlando

HOW DO WE... (poem by Nestor Jaremko)

How do we worship
The Most High God Who made us?
How can we thank
The Blessed Redeemer who saved us?
How do we understand
One beyond our comprehension?
How can we contact Him
In the Highest of Dimensions?

There are so many things
That we take for granted;
Words become so familiar,
Their meanings are implanted.
But do we really think on
What it is we're saying?
Where do our words come from,
Especially when we're praying?

How can we get free
From that which has enslaved us?
How do we escape the power
Of that which has unmade us?
How can we know what's right,
If we still want to do what's wrong?
And when we know we're weak,
How can we possibly get strong?

All I am trying to say is,
We need to think before we speak;
The way the Good Lord made us,
Everyone of us is unique!
What kind of conversation
Can it possibly be,
If we repeat our words
Over and over, indefinitely?

How can I live a life that's holy,
When sin still enters my mind?
How do I love lost strangers,
When my impulse is to decline?
How do I learn to be patient,
The way the Lord was patient with me?
How can I explain to those lost,
Salvation is paid for and free?

Nestor Jaremko
April 25, 2016 AD

Thank You God cover

I can remember listening to my oldest child read her book, Thank You God.  Actually, those three words were the only ones she would read out loud on each page - Mommy or Daddy would have to read the rest.

Gratefulness is often one of the first character qualities we attempt to instill in our children as they mature.  We teach the words "Thank you" soon after they master "Mama" and "Dada" and the "magic word" ("pleeeease").  The fear of potentially living with an ungrateful, self-centered teenager mortifies us and motivates us to double down on our lessons in thankfulness.

Gratefulness seems to be one of the identifying marks of God's children.  Psalm 136 begins with "Give thanks."  Colossians 3;15 ends with "Be thankful."  1 Thessalonians 5:18 explicitly commands that it is God's will for us that we give thanks in every situation.

Why is thankfulness so important?  Let's see...when am I the least thankful in my life?  Maybe when I see myself as deserving, worthy, entitled? (Ouch!)  I wonder how thankful Lucifer was for his dazzling beauty and important position as the heavenly worship leader?

Undeserving.  Unworthy.  Needy.  Dependent.  That's why I need to be thankful, because I am nothing without God.

Lord I need You.  Oh! I need You.
Every hour I need You.
My one defense, my righteousness - 
Oh God, how I need You.
(Matt Maher)

So I leave you with two words that go together completely, because the second word results in the first:


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